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Otanaha , Gorontalo,Indonesia.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

his time I will give info about the tour in Gorontallo
place on this one also includes historic ..
if you want info from me?
surely you want because that's my job ..
ok well let's read the information about tourist attractions
Otanaha situated on a hill in the Village Dembe I, West City District, City of Gorontalo. The fort was built around the year 1522.
Around the 15th century, people alleged that most of the land Gorontalo
is sea water. At that time, the Kingdom under the Government of Gorontalo Ilato king, or queen shared Matolodulakiki Tilangohula (1505-1585). They pick the three breeds, namely Ndoba (women) and Naha (male). Time teens, Naha wandered into the country side, while Ndoba and Tiliaya live in the kingdom.
One time a Portuguese sailing ship stopped at Port of Gorontalo Since running out of food, the influence of bad weather, and disruption pirates.
They facing to the King Ilato. The meeting produced an agreement, that in order to strengthen the defense and security of the country, will be built or established three fortresses in the hills Dembe Village, West City District today, namely in 1525.
Apparently, the Portuguese captain Ndoba only manipulate forces and Tiliaya when will repel pirates who often interfere with the fishermen in the people and troops pantai.Seluruh Tiliaya Ndoba and reinforced four Apitalau, got up and urged the Portuguese to leave the mainland Portuguese Gorontalo.Para nakhkoda direct leaving the Port of Gorontalo.
Ndoba and Tiliaya appear as two prominent women fighters then immediately prepare locals to fend off enemy attacks and the possibility of a war that will terjadi.Pasukan Ndoba and Tiliaya, reinforced by the navy, led by the Apitalau or 'sea captain', ie Apitalau Lakoro , Pitalau Lagona, Apitalau Lakadjo, and Apitalau Djailani.
Around the year 1585, Naha rediscover the third fort. He marry a woman named Ohihiya.Dari this couple was born two sons, namely Thigh (Pahu) and Limonu.Pada time of war against Hemuto or group leader transmigrants through lane north. Naha and Thigh Hemuto died fighting.
Limonu demand revenge for the death of his father and brother. Naha, Ohihiya, Thighs, and Limonu have used the fort as the third defensive powerhouse. With the background of the events above, then the third fort is already enshrined by name as follows. First, Otanaha. Ota means fortress. Naha is the person who found the fort. Otanaha means fortress discovered by Naha.
Second, Otahiya. Ota means fortress. Hiya acronym of the words Ohihiya, wife Otahiya Naha, meaning the fortress of Ohihiya. Third Ulupahu.Ulu Uwole acronym of the word, meaning the property of Pahu was the son Naha.Ulupahu Pahu Putra means the fortress of Naha.

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