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River Pekalen,Indonesia.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

hy again. I'll post about something new that is about whitewater rafting, whether you like olaraga challenge like that?
ok if you like it, of course you need a place to do it ...
okay let me invite you to learn a small part of the place that I will give to you
Pekalen River, located 25 km from the town of Probolinggo exactly lying between the three districts namely consecutive sub Tiris, Maron districts, and districts Ivory. Flood plains that can be forded within 29 miles.
Characteristics of the river turned and rugged, beautiful natural panorama,
dozens of rapids (grade 2 s / d 3 +) are exotic and challenging, the splendor of waterfalls, caves and bats comeliness, and still met several endangered species such as hawks, orioles birds , monkeys, monitor lizards, otters, squirrels etc. The main attraction that you can enjoy during the trip.
Landscape of steep river bank and form a kind of cave, adding a long list of panoramas that give new nuances in the eyelid. Already completed the recreational limbs. Of hand and foot muscles are stretched when a rubber boat on the meandering flow of the rapids, as well as the retina of the eye presented with a colorful panorama.

For the adventurous, the condition becomes a very tempting challenge. Not to mention the distinctive natural scenery with a rural feel to complement the charm of River rafting Pekalen. Natural shades of footprints recorded in step village virgins who look innocent and naive. They do not remove the smile when tourists rafting raft across the river where they wash the clothes. Behind the giant rocks, virgin village was busy chatting. Every now and then waved his hand to tourists rafting. Indeed, a rare sight in urban areas served.

River rafting path Pekalen region is divided into two, namely, Pekalen Pekalen top and bottom. Pekalen above have a higher difficulty level and is reserved for those who have experienced or professional. Past the waterfall curtain and thousands of bat caves. While Pekalen down, more targeted at tourism services. Even so, under Pekalen pathways remains challenging.

There are 32 rapids that will be passed along peraftingan. Each cascade has its own name.

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