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Beach Maluk ,West Sumbawa ,Indonesia.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

if you are already planning to tour later this year?
if not I suggest you tour to Indonesia .
kalai ok I will give you more info about tourist attractions in Indonesia.
ok let us know what the Coast
In the West Sumbawa regency there are several attractions beach. Ranging from Coast Maluk, Sekongkang Beach, Tropical Beach, down to the beach Jelengah. From the beach attractions in West Sumbawa regency, Maluk Beach is the most interesting object of tourist interest.

To visit Maluk beach is not very difficult. Transportation facilities required by tourists is available at any time. From the capital city of NTB, Mataram, it takes about six hours to
get to the beach Maluk. Approximately two-hour ferry trip from the Port of Heaven Lombok. The rest of the journey taken by landline.

Maluk beach located in the Village Maluk, District Jereweh, West Sumbawa regency. From this Maluk beach, tourists can see the charm of the beauty of the Gulf Maluk. Not only that. Maluk beach often used by tourists as a surfing arena. No wonder the world-class surfers always scheduled activities at the beach Maluk.

Waves on the Beach Maluk has been entered in the list of the best waves for surfers of the world, certainly one of his surfboards at the beach manager Maluk. By the surfers, the waves at the beach Maluk given the nickname Super Suck. The nickname was given because of the waves to the land divided by a promontory called Cape by locals Ahmad. This surf rolling up to a height of over two meters. The waves continued to roll in as if to suck up to the surfers who try to conquer it. Only savvy surfers are able to conquer the waves Maluk Coast Super Suck.

If tourists do not bring the surfboard, not to worry, many of which rent out surfboards. With the waves are so challenging, I wonder if Coast to showcase skills Maluk the surfers who come from all over the world. Usually they come at times of holidays. The atmosphere is still relatively quiet beach, make tourists become more enjoy.

Maluk beach known for its white sand and rolling waves are spreading the incomparable beauty. Moreover, the beach is easy to stop off thanks to a complete enough means of transport to reach these attractions, ground transportation either by public transport or through traditional transportation, Cidomo.Ketahuilah that the Coast Maluk often used as an arena for domestic and foreign tourists, especially surfers to test their ability to surf on this beach. Although no official data from the local Tourism Office and the regional tourism development agency, local people have noted that many of the world surfers often demonstrate their ability to surf on the beach Maluk.

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