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Candi Dasa ,Bali ,Indonesia.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

hey all.
how are you today?
hopefully we are all in good health.
this time the sights that I will give is about the temple in bali
want to know like what?
Candi Dasa is located on a steeply sloping hills, on the edge of the highway between the cities with the city Samarapura Amlapura. It is located about 50km to the east of the city of Denpasar.
In front of Candi Dasa, there is a large enough pool, and from where it also can enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sea of Lombok Strait that stretches wide.
In the manuscript "Bhuwana Tattwa Maharsi Markandya" in describing that Candi Dasa is parhyangan Widhi, but
not explained why the temple was named Candi Dasa. Apparently, naming Candi Dasa relates to the "phallus" sebuag located in recesses on the top of the hills Candi Dasa.
In ejection "Sang Hyang Atma Linga, Linggodbhawa" mentioned that the peak of the teachings of dala "Shiva Siddhanta" is the worship of Lord Shiva and the phallus as a symbol of appearance. Further explained that the phallus has a double aspect: siwalingga and atmalingga. Both aspects are merely the direction of union with Lord Shiva in meditation or in a ritual ceremony. Siwalingga is the stage where Lord Shiva enters the human body through the crown, while atmalingga is the stage when the soul united with the god Shiva. At the moment - the moment before the Bhakta or devotee placed "Linga" while saying the letters of the sacred "dasa script" in a row.
Based on the description in the text, can be guessed that the name of Candi Dasa performances based on the letters of the sacred "Dasa Literacy" which Kemudiaan shrine na is called Candi Dasa

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