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Candi Kedulan ,Yogyakarta,Indonesia.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

day after day I'm getting the spirit of just posting the info about tourism in Indonesia, because it increases the longer visitors every day even though I only get 10-10 people that have made me proud, a good start in my opinion. It's all because of my loyal readers who want to share to his friend.
on this occasion I will bring you acquainted with this one temple.
well let's see.:)
Kedulan temple discovered in 1993 in a state of collapse and buried sand. Penemuanya anything happens by accident, when a group of society is being mined sand. If the terms of the material stockpiled sand Kedulan Temple, the material is estimated to originate from the eruption of Mount Merapi, which occurred in some periods. Judging from the type of soil that covers the temples that have now been carried out dredging, look there are 13 layers of lava types, suggesting that the lava that buried the temple is
derived from 13 times the eruption of Mount Merapi. The base of the temple located at a depth of about seven meters.
Kedulan temple is located about three kilometers northwest of the Prambanan Temple. Sambisari temple architecture is similar forms. But in terms of decorative art, ornaments it approach Ijo Temple and the Temple of Barong. If Sambisari temple facing west, then Kedulan temple facing east. Sambisari temple stairs only have the cheek to the main temple alone, while in the Temple Kedulan also present on the temple stairs cheek ancillary (consort). Stairs decoration on both cheeks equally shaped temple snake, which distinguishes it is in the mouth of a snake on the Temple Sambisari animal that resembles a figure carved lion dance, while a figure engraved on the temple Kedulan birds.
There are features on Kedulan Temple, located at Kala relief. In Central Java, relief Kala had no lower jaw as in East Java. However Kedulan temple located in Central Java, turns his reliefs Kala has a lower jaw. Because it is estimated Kedulan temple built in the late period of the Hindu kingdoms of Central Java, East Java, which shifted to around the 8th century and 10th.

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