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Candi Pawon,Indonesia.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

woooww vacation is coming soon ... if you already has an itinerary? yes if my advice, you're better to Indonesia if you are abroad, and if you are local tourist attractions then look for a good,
yes some info on this blog can help you,
ok this time I will give info about the temple in Indonesia. want to know what?
Pawon is a place to store Vajranala, namely weapons of King Senses in Indian mythology. The location of this Pawon located 1150 meters to the west of Mendut 1750 meters and
located to the east of the Borobudur Temple, also a Buddhist temple. When examined in detail in relief, turned out to be the beginning of the reliefs of Borobudur Temple.
Pawon name can not be sure of its origin, but according to JG Casparis interpret that Pawon originated from Javanese language "Awu" (= ash), gets the prefix "pa" and the suffix "an" a show somewhere. In everyday language "Pawon" means "kitchen", but Casparis interpret "crematorium". Local residents also mentioned Pawon with the name "Bajranalan". The word is probably derived from sangsekerta "Vajra" (= lightning) and "anala" (= fire). With the Indian mythology, the god depicted armed Vajranala Senses. So according to the study of this temple was once the place to store weapons of Deity Vajranala senses.
Commemoration in Pawon
From the form of rock, possibly Pawon is made of volcanic stone. Pawon This is above the porch and stairs are rather wide. All parts are decorated with effigies and outer walls of the temple decorated with reliefs of biological trees (= kalpataru) that flanked the coffers and Kinara-Kinari (a creature half-man half-bird / bird-headed human body).
After the tour and see our full in relief, it is very possible is the beginning of the reliefs at Borobudur Temple. Making it very clear that this Pawon is also a Buddhist Temple.
The beauty of the art building Pawon makes me more convinced about the greatness of the architecture of our ancestors, and very unfortunate for anyone who has not been there

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