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Candi Plaosan ,Yogyakarta,Indonesia.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

every journey does require a lot of money but another if you travel to Indonesia. There can be accepted the ease and kelebih given that many of his tours in Indonesia.
 for example like this one temple
 Plaosan is one of the temple, who has obtained a strategic position, whether viewed from the aspect of preservation, historical linkages as well as prospects for business development is a complex of temples Plaosan.
The temple has several advantages including a Buddhist temple which is quite extensive and relatively close to the temple complex of Prambanan (10 minutes), and have a pretty good condition (post pugar). In addition
Plaosan temple was Buddhist temple as a symbol of worship.

Lor Plaosan temple complex is administratively located in Bugisan Village, District Prambanan, Klaten. This temple complex can be reached by road Yogyakarta - Solo, around Prambanan temple complex to the location Plaosan can take the road to majors Prambanan - Manisrenggo - a distance of about 2 km.

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