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Candi Sambasari,Yogyakarta,Indonesia.

Monday, December 19, 2011

2 days I have been busy creating a post on Bali, and today I will post about the temples that are outside of Bali.
This temple is very nice and clean ....
whether you like the tour including ancient times?
if so let's follow this info
Sambisari temple located in the village Sambisari Kalasan area, approximately 12 km east of Yogyakarta. Sambisari temple is a Hindu temple built in the 9th century in the reign of Rakai Garung at the time of the ancient Mataram kingdom. Sambisari temple was originally covered with soil to estimate because buried under lava when Mount Merapi erupted in 1006. In 1966 the temple was discovered accidentally by a farmer who was digging in his field.
Sambasari temple consists of a single
one of the main temple and three accompanying temple. The temple is still not restored perfect companion there is only the lower part may be due to the stones making up the top of the temple has not been found. Unlike the main temple temple companion, the main temple building looks complete. In the main there is a small room containing the Linga-Yoni. Linga form of rock that stands out while Yoni is the stone that became the basis of the linga. The entire temple is surrounded by a wall with a size of 50M X 48 M.

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