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Christmas Day .

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas is the day that we've been waiting for Christians
yes especially for me too LOL Christmas is the day that I will and can not wait to greet the day.
because Christmas is the day where we know bawha world savior has been born.
but Christmas without accessories such as Christmas trees are not Seru,
This time I will give you the sense of the meaning of objects objects that we often see at Christmas time ..

Hope you like it,

1. Star

Stars are often installed on top of the Christmas tree symbolizes the star that the Magi seen first. The star that guided their way to Bethlehem.

2. Christmas Tree
Put up the Christmas tree tradition began in Germany since the 1500's. At that time only a Christmas tree decorated with native flowers and fruit. Christmas trees began to spread to England and installed at Windsor Castle. The tree was decorated with candles to represent stars. Oh yes, why fir was chosen to be a Christmas Tree? Because these trees are still green, despite being winter

3. Christmas Lights
This lamp was created by a telephone operator at Windsor Castle, England. When he saw a candle burning on the Christmas tree, he was afraid of fire. Then he immediately made electric Christmas lights twinkling.

4. Holly Leaves
Unique leafy plant with small red fruits that its early use in Europe. In addition to its evergreen leaves, this plant still bear fruit in winter. Same with cypress, symbolizes plant life in the middle of his snow-white Christmas time

5. Mistletoe
Circle decorated with fruit or flower leaves are hung on the door was Mistletoe. Mistletoe symbolizes love and peace. Mistletoe in Scandinavian culture is a sacred plant, which can make peace. That said, if there are two enemies that pass through the mistletoe, they will settle again.

6. Candy canes
This candy cane shape its existing properties loh! To make the little kids are not noisy when in church. Actually his fancy candy canes made by the Indiana, United States it has another meaning. Form of a stick taken from a stick that is often brought Jesus when herding. Continue if the stick is reversed to form the letter J, the initials of the name Jesus

7. Sock
This is where Santa Claus put the presents. It is said that in ancient times, Santa Claus never put a gold coin for a family who can not afford the socks like this.

8. Santa Claus
Who the hell are ga familiar figure on this one? Santa Claus comes from a man named Mr. Nicholas. He was known as someone who likes to help those in need. He also likes to give gifts to the children. Well, because that's the story of Christmas when there are figures of Santa Claus, who like to divide the prize in children.

9. Christmas bells

The sound of tolling bells symbolize happiness or festivity. That means, the bells of Christmas celebrates the joy of the birth of Jesus.

10. Christmas Candles
Winter and heavy snowfall in mainland Europe Christmas time, making the candles are needed. Describe light candles and hope, if the sun will shine again. Candles also symbolize warmth and good luck.

11. Christmas Gift

Not complete it if there is not a gift. The first to start a tradition of giving Christmas gifts turned out to be the three Magi. They brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus.

Hope you Get it ALL :)

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