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Danau Aek Natonang,North Sumatera,Indonesia.

Friday, December 2, 2011

hey everything is 3 days, I did not post about tourism in Indonesia. yes this time I will post about travel in North Sumatra precisely in the area of ​​lake toba.
This is a great tour because of the lake above the lake. Do you Believe?
okay let's see tourist info together.
Walking on the side of a lake is fun. Water, the most important part of nature, is always able to offer a million interpretrasi about the perfection of a beauty, especially in a region that is still human-human touch alami.Tanpa greedy, criminals nature of a term for the loggers, illegal loggers.
How to describe a lake on the lake? The question that first comes to my mind when I heard and read at a glance to explain Aek Natonang Lake,
located in the highlands wialayah this Naidoo.
In the municipality there are actually two lakes Samosir above the lake. First Sidihoni Lake, located about 8 kilometers from the District Pangururan Samosir District. Surrounded by rolling green hills and rows of young pine trees, further adds to the beauty. Unfortunately, this lake seems to be "miserable" alias has not been managed well. Unfortunately, most of the residents around the lake is still utilize water for washing bath toilet facilities (MCK). In addition, limited transportation infrastructure also makes these places rarely visited by tourists.

That Samosir. The new district was expanded in 2003 does have a lot of potential in the tourism sector. Sidihoni lake, which now languishes alone was not experienced. Its parent lake, Lake Toba, is also miserable. He is getting "treatment" from the same community as well as local and central government.

If he could speak, she would have rebelled. If he has a tear, maybe he'll cry all the time and tears tu will be crystal clear lake water. "On the way home, I suppose mengandai.

Society treat it like a bathroom, a shower as they pleased, wash clothes, to defecate. That's what happened with the largest lake in Southeast Asia

Forget for a moment about the fate of Lake Toba. Now, it's time to visit tourist sites are almost human feet rarely touch it. Where? The answer, of Lake Aek Natonang. Bangaimana to get there?

This has been a problem since set foot on Earth Naidoo, it recently. Since arriving in the District Pangururan by road traffic from the District Sidikalang Tele, a food trader explained in the capital district area of ​​1419.05 km was

He was told, but by first ordering boiled noodles. Very fitting to the weather conditions, cold. Based on this story we began the journey to the lake which the "mysterious" - at least for me - the next day.

From the journey we continue towards Pengururan Tomok, known as the attractions of the show-galenya Sigale statue. That said, according to Sidabutar (46), the manager of the Museum Tomok, the word "Tomok" comes from the word "Tolmok" which means a young adult male who has the posture of the body fat and short. "But not too fat and not too short, medium-sedanglah" he said when we visited a museum filled with historical objects Batak tribe's heritage.

In detail, he explained one by one painstakingly heirloom which he found that, starting from the bed of King Sidabutar Hobbung which also serve as the treasury of the king), Panaluan Single Sticks, Laklak (a book that records the history of Batak and the ancient calendar) , rudang, ulos, appang na Bolon, parhokkom, pangir.

"One of the efforts to preserve the legacy that many stores the value of art and culture of the Batak, each year is celebrated by holding a ceremony called the Horja Bios" he said with spirit

The journey begins. I was reminded of a speech, whether a song or sound from an ad on TV: "it's show time".

By first renting a motorcycle for Rp 50 thousand we started the journey to Lake Aek Natonang. "If you want to go to Lake Aek lae Natonang, there you will find a junction exactly on the right, well from there the road continues, but be careful the way severe," said an unfamiliar guide.

So far about 1.5 hours was exhausting. Access roads winding and climbing. After going through the village Parmonagan we arrived in the village of Lake Tanjungan where Aek Natonang located. Indeed, before reaching Parmonangan, access road has been paved hotmix although when it arrived in the village of Tanjungan, the journey began violated due to road conditions are not at all feasible. The condition is severe and alarming. Damage to road access due to be used for purposes of trucks laden with a cargo of logs tons of weight

In the village Tanjungan, it appears the activity of public life entirely based on agriculture. Some worked as a piece of wood, either to be brought to an extent, but at least it's illegal-logging, it is not likely that the majority of damage tofografi gently sloping hills. Some also planted with coffee beans, onions and peanuts

Aek Natonang lake was very beautiful. Although the water is not as clear water of Lake Toba, but the calm water and a beautiful natural setting makes anyone feel at home here berkujung to linger. Unfortunately, in this place there is not any means of support to invite tourists to visit here. As a result, boredom, may be a "gift" for long sets in when you arrive here

That Lake Aek Natonang, again I suppose mengandai: "If the lakes in this Naidoo (Sidihoni Lake, Lake Aek Natonang and Lake Toba) could talk, they would revolt, if they could weep, it may be many small lakes due to crying ". No tarasa we've arrived at Tuktuk Siadong, a place where we stay.

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