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Dato Majene Beach , Sulawesi ,Indonesia.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

woooow few days ago I get news of a great place to visit, for those of you who like to premises sights Beach .. should you want to come to this place.
ok this is the place that I will give that information.

Dato beach located in the District of West Sulawewsi Majene. The beach is quite interesting because it is divided into two portion of white sandy beaches and coral beaches repose. Rock overhanging the sea or the reefs are hollow because the conducting waves add to the uniqueness and beauty of the beach dato. The penggunjung usually encouraged to pursue a rock ledge to the summit is a challenge and certainly a very nice adrenaline.

From the peak height of 20 mtr kira2 coral, Visitors can look down to see crystal clear sea water to the point that we could see the sea is very clear to see the fish among the coral reefs play a wide range. At dusk guests were served with a view of the sunset or the sun is sinking create a romantic atmosphere and very impressive to be enjoyed. Until now Dato Coast are still alienated from the outside world, this is because the location of this beach is quite difficult to reach and yet the management of local government. For localized Towards this, visitors can use a private or chartered ground vehicles, roughly about 15 minutes from the town of Majene. The road is quite smooth, combed woods and gardens of the residents. Arrive at the parking lot down the cliff to the beach should be as high as 30 feet through the stone stairs. Afterwards we got to the beach Dato.

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