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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Again I'll be Posting about Bali on this occasion.
because Bali is a great tourist spot for visit.
well let's see together what I would post.
Jimbaran is one beach in Badung regency, Bali, Indonesia. Jimbaran lies on the southern island of Bali. Its location not far from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can reach Jimbaran from this airport about 10 minutes to the south of the airport. Before becoming famous as today, Jimbaran is a traditional fishing village.
What was interesting in Jimbaran? In Cebu City there are many restaurants or restaurants that serve various seafood (seafood). In Cebu City there
are also many international hotels. When down the road at Jimbaran area, you'll see a row of restaurants offering seafood menu as main menu. Certainly for fans of seafood or for those who like to enjoy the atmosphere of the sea, Jimbaran is a pleasant place.
Eating on the Waterfront
Once you order a meal at one restaurant, you can go straight to the beach to relax and see the sights of the sea. Especially if you eat here in the afternoon, the sunset views will make the atmosphere more beautiful. You can also enjoy the sound of the waves and the wind rustling the refreshing beach.
After the meal was served, you can enjoy the seafood served at the front of your table while enjoying the charm of a beautiful beach in Jimbaran. Soft murmur of the waves and wind on the edge of Jimbaran beach will certainly increase your appetite. A variety of seafood menu is available here. Or you can also enjoy a delicious coconut ice while enjoying the beauty of Jimbaran beach.

While enjoying seafood, you can also enjoy the strains of a song from a group of musicians who look eccentric. They will sing the song in accordance with your request. Even some tourists menyembpatkan themselves photographed with these unique musicians.

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