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Kawah Putih,Bandung,Indonesia.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

hey all i like the look of the new menu?
yes I hope you like the changes.
ok this time I will provide info on travel in the district of Bandung
want to know like what?
White Crater is a crater lake of Mount Patuha with a height of 2434 meters above sea level with temperatures between 8-22 ° C. On top of that there is a crater Patuha Currently, when mean low tide in Bahasa Sunda, which is in the west and below the crater White with a height of 2194 meters above sea level. Both craters were formed by eruptions that occurred at about X and XII centuries ago. White crater is located about 46 km from the city of Bandung or 35 miles from the capital of Bandung,
Soreang, headed Ciwidey.
To get there, visitors can pass through the toll road from Jakarta Cipularang continued toward the exit toll Soreang Kopo headed south to the town Ciwidey. Approximately 20-30 minutes from the city Ciwidey visible sign of entry into the entrance of Attraction White crater at the left side of the road. To get to the White crater from the entrance area attractions crater White suggested using a vehicle, do not walk away because the road is slightly uphill and quite a distance, which is about 5.6 miles, or about 10-15 minutes drive. Private vehicles can langung towards available parking area not far from the crater. While visitors with a large entourage that use bus or public transport can use special vehicles in the parking area near the entrance gate to reach the crater from the entrance. Small road conditions and uphill is not possible to pass a big bus type vehicle or medium.
Curious? let's go now.

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