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Loka Anjoroi , Indonesia.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

hy all this time I will be Posting about culinary tourism, which is in Indonesia, and also good news because there will be a menu of culinary tourism that will add a new thing for us all and become informed as well, hopefully the info about this can add insight to all of us who will travel to Indonesia, thanks
ok I'll give you more info about the typical food of West Sulawesi.
want to know what?...
here ....
Loka Anjoroi, special food Mandar - West Sulawesi. served on the morning of 9-10 hours, usually at the family gathering, without Loka Njoroi as if the encounter is less complete. These foods also taste typical of the archipelago.

* 1 banana comb kepok old is still raw.
* 1 older seeds grated coconut, coconut milk is taken first (kanil) + 1 cup.
* Salt to taste.

How to Make:
1. Boiled banana with its skin (steamed).
2. Prepare the coconut milk Had been without cooking.
3. One by one banana peel, in hot conditions incorporated into the milk while stirring, stirring until the coconut milk in a banana cake.

Loka Njoroi, served According to taste, to me it feels better workshops Pls Njoroi on serve with sauce

Trying attracted to these foods?
if yes immediately come to Indonesia.

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