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Moramo ,Kendari ,Indonesia.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

vacation is a very interesting, we can enjoy a few moments and emotions if we could meredahkan more emotion.
in Indonesia are so many places for a very good tour. ranging from underwater tours, lake, mountain, customs, history. etc.
on this occasion I will give you more info about a waterfall in Indonesia.
This waterfall waterfalls including the best in Indonesia.
want to know what?
let us read his info together
Moramo waterfall is located about 70 miles from downtown Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. With a private vehicle, en route to the water terjum Maramo takes about 2 hours. Because the Path to the Waterfall is still in a state of considerable concern. In this place there are about 10 level waterfall. Water discharge and the height of the rather large makes this waterfall looks absolutely stunning.

Also in Niagara Moramo who supposedly said this is the washing of the fairies, has beautiful natural scenery and unspoiled beauty that is not inferior to another waterfall in Indonesia. Moramo shaped waterfall running water from a height of about 100 yards rushing with water slide on a large granite stone compound. Stacking height of each waterfall ranged from 0.5 to three meters. This arrangement is formed naturally over thousands of years ago. Waterfall in the region there are 60 levels Moramo also small and looks like a small pond at the last level which is perfect for the bath.

Around Tejun Water is also still there are natural inhabitants of such diverse birds, butterflies diverse, and various other animals. The beauty of waterfalls Moramo, which lacks the breezy sound of waterfalls, chirping birds and shouted to us as if listening to music of nature that is far from the crowds in the downtown atmosphere. Even when the sun's rays reflected from the surrounding marble rocks dominated rainbow ray emitting light and a blue color that can add charm beutifull.

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