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My School I love You :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SMK Cinta Rakyat Pematangsiantar
Schools are a fun activity?
or boring. but different people different opinion like my example

I am very pleased that the school because they can laugh with friends, skipping along, noisily together, got angry teacher, worked on homework at school, cheating during examination, the Cafeteria Snack Together, the main school is a second home to me and No. 1 so of course Learning also

yes indeed sometimes boring school to school but actually means very exciting,

but lived a matter of months I left school I could have this (Passed / Finish ) although sad but his name should live our ideals reach the skies.

especially when parting with my best friend for 3 years with laughter and sorrow live,,

I love you My bestfrends ..

This is my school photo that I edited.
I hope you like my work.

Further forward My Creation.

SMK Cinta Rakyat Pematangsiantar
SMK Cinta Rakyat Pematangsiantar

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