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Pangandaran Beach,Indonesia.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wooo very nice if we travel to the beach instead of
no sea view habisanya like seeing the sky,
This time I want to give info forging a very good travel in my opinion,
after your group is always read something about this info. you will be a jury to assess the place and I believe that you like as well.
want to know what the beach?
let's read together
Attraction which is the belle of the beach in West Java is located in the village of Pangandaran Pananjung District with a distance of ± 92 km south of the city Ciamis, has various features such as:
• Able to see the sunrise and sunsets from the same place
• gently sloping beach with clear water and the distance between the ups and downs are relatively long so it allows us to swim safely

• There are beaches with white sand

• Available rescuers beach tourism
• The road is paved smooth environment with adequate street lighting
• There is a marine park with fish and marine life is stunning.

With the faktok-contributing factors were, then the tourists who arrived in Pangandaran can perform a wide range of activities: swimming, yachting, fishing, traveling by bicycle, the sailing, jet skiing and others.
The traditional event contained here is intent Sea, the ceremony is performed as an embodiment of fishermen in Pangandaran their gratitude to the Almighty God's mercy by offering melarung to sea. This event is usually held in each month of Muharram, to take place on the East Coast Pangandaran.

International tourism event ever held here is the International Kite Festival (Pangandaran International Kite Festival) with a variety of supporting activities that we can see in every June or July.

Facilities available:
1. Field ample parking,
2. Hotel, restaurant, inn, tourist cabin with varying rates,
3. Postal services, telecommunications and money changer,
4. Cinemas, discotheques
5. Guides and Tourism Information Center,
6. Caravan,
7. Bicycles and tire rental pool,
8. Parasailing and jetski.

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