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Rawon Rice, Indonesia.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

After the streets we would often find the name of culinary tourism.
yes if visiting these sights without consuming food typical of the area is not definitely not fun.
this time I will give info on culinary tourism in Indonesia. I hope you like it and immediately tried

Rawon Rawon or rice (because it is always served with rice) is a menu of soup meat with a distinctive flavor because it contains kluwek. Rawon, although it is known as the East Javanese cuisine (such as Surabaya), known also by the community east of Central Java (Surakarta).

Meat for rawon generally is beef cut into small pieces. Seasoning the soup is very typical of Indonesia, which is a
mixture of onion, garlic, galangal (laos), coriander, lemongrass, turmeric, chilli, kluwek, salt, and vegetable oils. All of these ingredients (except lemon grass and galangal) mashed, then sauteed until fragrant. Seasoning mixture is then put in beef stew broth with meat. Rawon typical dark color comes from kluwek.
Rawon served with rice, equipped with a small bean sprouts, green onions, crackers, and hot sauce.

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