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Speaking of Christmas.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Recalled that on Christmas Day around the world Last years have increasingly far from the first Christmas that serene and simple as the description in the paragraph above. The first Christmas Day be filled with a simplicity which in addition to the Magi are rich also present a simple shepherds to welcome the birth of baby Jesus, His birth is not celebrated at the lodge or in the palace, but in a manger in Bethlehem. This is the true meaning of Christmas in which God's peace be with all men, peace in my heart without significant decoration.

This Time , enter the month of December, we can see everywhere, especially restaurants, malls and hotels, and on broadcast TV, a lot of preparation for Christmas echoed by year-end spending, whether there is left of Bethlehem Christmas behind the hustle and bustle Christmas celebrations in the present?

The Christmas tree is a beautiful picture in Europe in winter when snow meets the surface of the earth and the trees fall leaves, where we see that den trees standing upright with green leaves that keep giving fresh hope. At night, behind a tree, we can see the twinkling lights of houses on the sidelines of the leaves. Moreover, the impression of this beautiful accompaniment of the song 'Silent Night' gives a sense of calm and peace to those who saw the tree and heard the song. Trees are then used as the symbol of the tree is now expanded into a decoration at department stores around the world, but whether that is the true meaning of Christmas 'the birth of the Savior of men' could still be seen behind the excitement of spending the end of the year?

Actually Franciscus of Assisilah who first introduced cattle with a replica of the cage with small statues of Joseph, Mary and the baby in the manger and the Magi and the shepherds around, we often see as a Christmas decoration in both the church and at home. Replication is at the decoration since the 13th century before the Christmas tree was introduced, and with a Christmas Carol sung by a group of people from house to house. Den tree with flickering then be used as a symbol of eternity and the Christmas tree as we know it today.

A simple Christmas tree was later developed in the 18th century with the addition of decorative Christmas ornaments and decorations over time was so thick that the trees and the light symbol that became a symbol of eternity and kesyahduan be buried by the hustle and bustle and festive decorations. The atmosphere of Christmas to commemorate the birth of the simplicity of the Lord Jesus to save man is now being enclosed by orgies with all the trimmings of a luxury and is no longer celebrated by Christians alone but extends to the public. Christmas celebrations need to re-experiencing 'de-secularization'.

In the 11th century, Nicholas was a bishop of good heart who likes handing out gifts to children is celebrated at midnight on December 5, but the old-old legend of 'St.' Nicholas is on the adoption in the Netherlands and celebrated as' Sinter- Klaas' and then in America is celebrated as' Santa Calus' which is now incorporated into a series of celebrations of Christmas and as I climb the pole reindeer sleigh flying over people's homes while handing out gifts at the celebration on Christmas Eve.

The figure of Santa Claus is a mix figure of Saint Nicholas and Odin, Norse god who is worshiped. Preview mythology Odin is more-more on masakini filled with a variety of magical performances by the fairies who bring star tipped wand to bring miracles. Present some Supermal bring 'magic' Christmas with cane-elf picture of this magical star. Christmas picture of the all-wah is then broken because it has become increasingly common decoration in both the red light district in New York, London and Paris, and in the Ginza in Tokyo predominantly non-Christians also celebrate Christmas atmosphere with great fanfare. Christmas is a moral-force bukanlagi are crowned, but merely the celebration.

Truly festive celebration of Christmas masakini necessary in de-mitologisasikan, so that we can know truly good news of the birth of savior who brings peace for all people in the world. A festive celebration in the church building is closed, and more so in an exclusive hotel ballroom was far different from the situation in the manger that first Christmas night attended by a simple shepherd.

Christians are preparing for Christmas at the end of this year, and it was time to restore the essence of the Christian meaning of Christmas to the beginning and do not be fooled by gemerlapannya twinkling electric lights and decorations are nice. Christians need to de-secularization and de-his mitologisasi the Christmas celebrations that have deviated widely from the meaning asalinya.

In the midst of pain experienced by families who are facing layoffs ribuah in PT-DI, and the number of families evicted from their slum homes or places selling them on the sidewalk and did not get the lay of the head, and palunganpun not, Christians are called to bring the Christmas especially for they are excluded, the marginalized, and are forgotten. At least by running a simple ceremony, especially if accompanied by a love that overflowed out into the cold streets, at least the human race is really more can feel that Christmas is indeed leads to peace for mankind on earth and not vice versa.

Congratulations to prepare the upcoming Christmas and express God's love and peace for the people around us. Amen!

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Merry Xmas ALL 
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