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Tablanusu village , Papua ,Indonesia.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

See you again See you again with me on the blog nakarasido hita.
saaat how are you this? if you've found a great place to tour this year?
Here I give info about tourism in Papua .
we chechk now.
Tablanusu village is a fishing village. The village is located in District Depapre, Jayapura regency, Papua Province. In the fishing village that has been proclaimed as a village tourist attractions such as forests, beaches, lake tours, historical tours and cultural tourism.

That said, our ancestors Tablanusu community has moved twice. First, they inhabit two islands in the bay not
far from where they live now. because of the tsunami that swept the area, those who survived and fled to a safer place. The new settlement they named the village of Old. When inhabit this old village, they are as cultivators, with tubers and bananas as the mainstay crop. Because of a growing population, while the increasingly limited land for farming, they finally decided to move again. After finding a suitable location, the new township was later given the name Tablanusu, which means the sun sets. While at this Tablanusu their livelihoods shift from farming to fishing.

Natural, beautiful, and exotic. when traveling from Pier Depapre using outboard engined boats to dock Tablanusu, the only entrance to the village. along the way, see the green leaves of various trees, clear seawater, as well as rows of hills and mountains. The air is clean and cool.

Most of the Tourism Village area covered with black coral Tablanusu. everywhere only stretch of natural stone that looks shiny. when running a squashed sound coral sound resembling sobs, this fishing village was then dubbed with the name Crying Stone Village. That said, the black coral that surrounds the village of Tablanusu been there since their ancestors decided to move to the region. Coral stones can also be used as a natural reflexology foot.

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