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Togean Island,Sulawesi,Indonesia.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Indonesia has many excellent tourist attractions. I mendegar news on TV that has more foreign tourists coming to Indonesia 7 million during 2011 and targets for 2012 will be 2-fold.
this time I will give info on diving in Indonesia.
for those of you who like to travel underwater. you must see this.

Togean Islands located in the city Administrative Tomini Bay is Ampana - Tojo Una-Una, which is part of Central Sulawesi. Distance Ampana to Palu, the provincial capital about 375 miles. Togean is the name of the tourist area of ​​Indonesia's population has not been known yet quite have a name in the international world, it can be seen from the foreign tourists who are not lonely in Togean. I refer to as The Lost Paradise Togean because the beaches throughout the islands Togean a clean white, pristine beaches, coral reefs are still very awake keasriannya. During their stay in this Togean likely to see dolphins and whales, as they often appear in these waters. On October
19, 2004, Togean Islands has been designated a national park covering 292,000 hectares of marine ecosystems and 70,000 hectares of land. Because the location is far from ubiquitous, and its position is protected in the bay Tomini, making this area are felt isolated at once beautiful and clean from pollution.

Togean Islands are made up of five islands and about 69 small islands. Accommodations lodging in Togean scattered in various islands. There are several types, from the cottage owned by the Germans to simple lodgings in Bombana. There are quite affordable accommodation, a cottage on the island of Poya Lisa, the island is about 15 minutes by boat from the island Bombana. The island is owned by local residents, at a price of about 150,000, - / person / day. Squirrel Island (not far from Lisa Poya) charge around Rp.500.000, -, on the island moves between Rp.250.000 Kadidiri sd. Rp.1.000.000, - per person. The rate includes meals.

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