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Waterfall Watu Ondo - Mojokerto,Indonesia.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

many tourist attractions in Indonesia that we can visit, ranging from sea tours, lake, culinarytours and much more,
yea this time I will invite you to see a waterfall in Indonesia.
hopefully after I give this info you have plans to visit the place.

Watu Ondo Waterfall as part Falls area attractions are being developed Magetangovernment.
Watu Ondo Waterfall is located at the very bottom of the three waterfalls that are on a riverin the village of Ngancar, namely water Watu Ondo Waterfall, Jarakan and Shoulders Kiwo

Watu Ondo name is taken as the derivative along the path toward the source of this waterfall is in the
form of stairs made ​​of stone composition. Or also called Coban Twinsbecause at this location there are two waterfalls that face each other but with different heights. To the right height of the water reaches 15 m with a characteristic staircasewaterfall with a slope of about 75 degrees, while the left reaches a height of 69 m with ±karakteristrik waterfall that falls directly under the je. The second waterfall is derived from a different water source. And then the flow is met in a small and fairly shallow lake.
very interesting not to visit?

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