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Danau Anggi ,Papua ,Indonesia.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

hy ...
meet again.
I read last night disebuah-read site about tourism in Papua.
this time I will post about Papua.
I really wish I could travel to Papua so.
and articles about about papua I got from the blogs and websites. and then I collected and my post.
I hope one day I went to Papua ..
this time we will discuss a lake in Papua.
this lake.
The lake is located in the district of Manokwari anggi West Papua Province. Anggi lake consists of two lakes namely Lake and Lake Ginji Gita, situated 2030 meters above sea level.
To get at this location must take within 12 hours of Manokwari. Road conditions are not so good, about 40% of damaged roads and up and down the mountain, can be bypassed with a
4WD car with regular public transport tariff rates from Manokwari to Arfak area is 350,000 rupiah per person. This lake is a good site to do many activities, such as picnics, camping, take pictures, and even swim.

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