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Klayar Beach ,Pacitan ,Indonesia.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

the beach is a very good place to visit if you feel hot, too hot then place wiasata good is the beach, at this moment I will give you info on the beach.

BEACH Klayar located in District Donorojo, Pacitan. The beach is located about 35 km to the west of Pacitan. Because the charm and the beauty and uniqueness of reef, beach Klayar often called 'Hold Lot' Pacitan.
Klayar beach can be reached about 60 minutes from Pacitan. On the outskirts Beach Klayar many mounds that have characteristics of other beaches in pacitan.

This white sandy beach has a privilege, ie, in the crevice between rocks and waves that can sound like a flute waving sea. And has white sand and blue water is pleasant to be visited and enjoyed.

In addition there is also a natural fountain. The fountain is due to air pressure in the ocean waves hitting the rocks hollow stone. Fountain heights that can reach about 10 meters and can produce drizzle and mist of sea water is, by the people around are believed to have special qualities as a youthful drug.

A vast expanse of white sand stretches, soft sand once. Panorama of geology in the vicinity Beach Klayar offers an understanding of the morphology of the coast which is affected by the geological structure and symptoms of active removal of the south coast. The appointment is shown by the exposure of sedimentary rocks-beach (beach-rock), which is partly a surface covered by seaweed.

The effect of this blow-pipe on the beach produces a spray of water as high as tens of meters that followed the sound of screeching. Geyser-like bursts. It happens periodically.

The phenomenon was caused by the suppression of sea water and the air trapped inside the channel along the cracks of rocks by the waves. Abrasion of eroded chunks of rock to form a variety of built-called tafoni.

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