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Lake Matano ,Sulawesi ,Indonesia.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hy all ...
Do you have plans to go to Indonesia?
I suggest you come to indoneseia because many resorts and relatively low cost.
this time I will give a lake located in Sulawesi. want to know what lake?

Lake Matano name of a lake located in the district of East Luwu of South Sulawesi province. The lake is categorized into six deepest in the world. All around the lake there are three settlements namely Matano Village, Village Nuha and Sorowako. In this Sorowako operates one of the largest nickel mines in the world that then the existence of this company makes Sorowako eventually became a small town whose population consists of various races and ethnicities. But the
diversity of these tribes became an attraction for cultural harmony and togetherness woven with a strong community.
To get to Sorowako, migrants use land and air transportation. But for air transport can only be enjoyed through the Makassar flight path and also must be prepared to spend approximately 1.2 million dollars for a plane ticket. Meanwhile, if using ground transportation will only be issued approximately 150 thousand.

The name derives from the name of the lake Matano Matano Village is located at the west end of the lake because in this village there is a Fountain that never dry and the water flowing into the lake. It is said by the ancients, that the Fountain Matano is the source of the water of Lake Matano. Even more interesting because the lake is surrounded by green hills so that it becomes a beauty. Moreover, if we view the lake from the top of the hill, then the surface of the lake will look like a blue glass surface. If we dive and down the countryside, we will find some places with rocks such as lava rock sediment ex volcano. It's just that until now there has been no formal study whether this is a volcanic lake lake or not. In addition to rocks, there is also a flooded cave where the cave door facing the lake so that if water levels recede we will clearly see the gaping cave door. This cave is located not far from the city Sorowako.
Every morning, we can enjoy the sun that shines and membiasi surface of the lake. Not to mention if the clouds formed over the lake or on the hill, then the bias sun at sunrise and sunset will be the main attraction. A beautiful natural likisan very beautiful.

This lake has some freshwater ecosystems. Botini is typical fish in this lake. There are also other types such as Mas fish, Oreochromis mossambicus, cork and Catfish. Besides fish, there is also a lake snails, oysters, crabs and shrimp, each of which has a shape and a distinctive taste. Each day we will always see people fishing activity in traditional ways. But this is the most suitable way to maintain the ecosystem of the lake.
In addition to the natural beauty of Lake Matano, community friendliness is also one of the attractions that will make it convenient to travel to this area.
nice place to visit is not it?

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