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Manakarra Beach ,Sulawesi,Indonesia.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

hy all how are you today?
whether you are healthy? ok well this time we will go down a beach in Indonesia ..... that does not kalai interesting beaches in Indonesia.
let's see
In Mamuju City, the capital of West Sulawesi province, there is an adequate place for the tour visited by tourists, ie Manakarra Coast region. This beach is part of the Gulf of Mamuju, where Stone Harbor is the center of transportation in the City of Mamuju.
Manakarra beach hangout synonymous with young children. However, in reality there are many adults who come to visit the beach for
recreation. Typically, they use this beach to unwind by enjoying the beautiful beach. The beach is always visited by travelers ranging from 16.30-24.00 o'clock pm.

The beach has long been known as Manakarra "Losarinya" (Losari Makassar) City Mamuju. It is not excessive, considering the Beach Manakarra really have an alluring beauty of the beach panorama. Exotic scenery is charming with increased background Karampuang island that lay in front of the eye.

To reach the site, tourists can use public transport or private vehicles. The journey starts from Tampa Airport is located in the city of Padang Mamuju, West Sulawesi. The trip from the airport and then proceed to the Coast Manakarra takes about 30 minutes.

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