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My School - My Memories

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SMK Cinta Rakyat Pematangsiantar
hy all. thank you because I've wanted to see the work this time.
I have the ideas and works that remain stored in my memory.
I am very happy to work.
I work this time about what I would do after graduation later.
before I will tell to you all. that my catholic school vocational college, I took this computer majors.
do not feel I would be graduating in May I hope that I graduated with good grades but the problem is .... whether I should continue to college?

it is arguably the vent. excuse me but some say if you say something that makes you sad and confused in writing then it will help us even though slightly.
back again .. ., in fact I'd love to college majoring in graphic design media but the problem is cost.
it cost very expensive not worth the life of our family.
indeed education is expensive,
I sometimes dream can become a desainger it would give the impression that remarkable to me.
but one also also dream too high due to a fall must have hurt like hell but whatever power, do I have to work and not college? or both?

God help me ...........
I say if that's what confused ....
ok let the above photograph I took in my school ...
was not already 3 years I was in school. get the impression that very exciting.
You also never feel what I feel now is not it?
You must be remember when the school first. sometimes sad, scolded by the teacher. laughing at your friends. just not exciting

This is the meaning of text in the picture.
sorry for writing the Indonesian so I will translate to the language of  English. ok
this means that

does not seem to stay a few more months we will leave this school. we hope, and we pass all our success in the future. smk love the people is second home to us, here we learn to be more kind and polite, for 3 years almost every day to school and meet with friends of good teachers, very menyengakan indeed, it's sad if it should be berpisaha but this is life at school we also fostered by the teachers for a better direction. for 3 years must we often melakkan things that are not good for teachers in smk cr, but they tetatp passion to teach us to be better,

accepted the love of the father / mother of our teachers

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               SMK Cinta Rakyat Pematangsiantar

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