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My Story Going To Sidamanik, North Sumatra, Indonesia (Tea Gardens)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

hy all ..... :)
how are you?
I hope we are all fine
this time I will post my short story about my weekend experience on the 28th of January -2012

Where you spend your weekend time last night.?
ok last night i went a place not far from where I live.
I actually lazy go but out of boredom at home and because home school quickly so I decided to go to the Tea Gardens which can only be taken not less than 1 hour.
for 15 minutes I was packing.
check out my cart and food and beverages and do not forget the jacket because the temperature must be cold there.
because I left at 2 pm then got geared at 3pm so it's definitely cool air there.
during the journey to get there I am very happy because the sight of the green rice fields. the fresh air and trees are still leafy and green.
I place the location on a motorbike and just be alone ...

experience I have gained very exteristing . where the place I go is the expanse of trees about 30 meters wide and colored green  make me fresh eyes ..

arrived at their destination. I am so glad that I visited the tea garden looks green as possible once the new shoots are harvested so it grows more ..

This tea garden is the one that was there in northern Sumatra, Indonesia.
1 hour if the tea garden then it will get to the sights of the lake and sunrise, but I can not go there because my time is not quite finished about 2 hours I was in the tea garden. Around and climbed out on a hilltop tea and watching from a distance . tea garden is like a golf course just

do not feel my stomach is hungry because the air is cold so easily hungry I fortunately had the snacks and canned drinks as well so it can make my body a little stronger again.
after enjoying the sights of beautiful tea gardens promptly at 5 pm I went back to Siantar because there is still a task that I would do is post (lol) and school of course.

I hope the two weeks I would come here again but not too expect too much because of the problem task.

and hopes to also to where the lake is what I mean ...
there must be time.
ok that's all my experience this weekend.

how do you experience?
I go where the location which was in Sidamanik - North Sumatra-Indonesia. about 1 hour from the city Pematangsiantar.
Accepted the love of my experiences have not read this short ..
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Travel makes life longer and Adding Experience ..

Tea Gardens - Sidamanik -Sumatera Utara -Indonesia

when i have to .. weather support at all when I leave here.
just look at 3 through sunny weather

Tea Gardens
My clock showed at 4 pm. means I have an hour here, but not bored, bored, too, because the scenery is very seductive green eyes:)

Sidamanik - Sumatera Utara -Indonesia
I do not know the name of this tree but the tree was always there along the tea garden.
trees are so good

Tea tree towering like hills and form the only

road to this place, including good

if you see something different in this photo?
yes there is only one tree that differ among tea trees

My photo when going home to Siantar ..
looks bright because it is satisfied at the sight tea garden

This photo I took when I was going home to Siantar, I pause for tea tree view layout was very nice with a mix of evergreen trees when I'm not mistaken

green rice ...
This photograph is blurred because I do not stop taking it (sorry)

Awwww I felt Happy can Share this :)

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