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Pantai Kasih , Aceh ,Indonesia.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

wooow if the day was hot. thing most have in mind we are going to swim alone
this time for those of you who like the water olaraga or just want to enjoy the sights the sea alone.
I'll give a little info on a beach in Indonesia.
let's see together
Love the beach is a tourist attraction on the island of Weh Down town of Sabang, just 2 km from the center of Sabang. Love the beach is a rocky beach with many palm trees along the peninsula. Here will be seen by the vast expanse of ocean beauty sunsetnya, cruise ship traffic of goods or fishing boat. The cool sea breeze that comes with beautiful trees and white sand make this beach is perfect for people who want bersantai.Pantai is adjacent to the settlement by the locals love the beach because it is usually crowded in the afternoon. local people often enjoy the evening for just strolling around the beach.

On this beach there are also several forts where heavy weapons such as cannons, relics of World War II history. In addition there are also areas of culinary tourism, which provide the local cuisine.

Because the love of the beach on the island of Weh, then the only path that can be implemented is the sea route. From Banda Aceh to the port of Ulee Lheu and ferry crossings are Balohan Sabang. There are 2 types of transportation is by using:

Express motor boat, with a travel time of about 45 - 1 hour journey and fare around Rp 50,000 - Rp. 90,000. There are two express boats that operate as follows: Pulo Rondo ships with routes Ulee - Balohan (09:30) and Balohan - Ulee Lheu (16.00) while en route to Ship Maritime Ulee Lhue - Balohan (16.00) and Balohan - Ulee (8:00).

Roro Ship: This ship can carry passengers but can also transport vehicles at a rate of about Rp. 20,000 - 30,000 per passenger while the vehicle around Rp.9000 - Rp.155.000 depending on the vehicle that will haul. If you use this ship it will be much longer with a travel time of about 1-2 hours. Schedule Roro ship / ferry: Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday with the route Ulee Lhue - Balohan, at 10:30 and 15:30, while for Balohan - Ulee, at 07:45 and 13:00 and for the day Monday - Friday, with the route Ulee Lhue-Balohan, pkul 13:00 and to route Balohan - Ulee, at 07:45.

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