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Sowang Kahakitang Beach ,Indonesia.

Monday, January 23, 2012

hi all ...... happy to post again .....
accepted the love was often stopped by the blog .. I am very happy that day by day increasing visitor from abroad ..
this time I will give info about the beaches in Indonesia ...
want to know what??
let us refer to the info together.

one tourist attraction beach which has a very beautiful coral reefs, the beach Sowang Kahakitang. Kahakitang not just a name, but has an important meaning. The meaning of the beach it was never used as a place to connect the story about the history of relations in the royal kingdom of Siau and Sangihe large clusters, including Kendahe, Manganitu, Tabukan,
Tahuna and others.
The name is taken from the beach
pedarakitang word which means bridge.
Locals say the beach was once a haven boats kingdom of the ancients who buffeted badai.Pantai Sowang Kahakitang is a very exotic beaches, but the waves are so big and tall, coral reefs are also still looks beautiful and still a virgin.
With high waves allow travelers to make surfing activities.

In addition to surfing, visitors can also perform a variety of activities namely, swimming, diving and just relaxing beach dibibir natural scenery while enjoying the beach. To meet the basic needs of everyday life, local residents work as fishermen and farming.

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