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Talise Beach ,Sulawesi,Indonesia..

Monday, January 16, 2012

hy all .....
I will be graduating soon. hopefully I get good grades but I membingunkan. where I'll continue, I'd love to lecture but .. never mind lah ya let that later became my biggest problem, this time I will give info on a beach in Sulawesi, I hope you like the postinga me this time. congratulations to read.

Talise beach in Palu of Central Sulawesi is a tourist beach with a beautiful natural scenery and mountains that stretch of the bay is breathtaking. In addition, this beach is perfect for sports activities, such as: swimming, windsurfing (wind surfing), water sky, diving, fishing, and so forth.

Talise beach as a place of sightseeing is the cheapest option and is not easy
because in addition to cost, location is very easy to achieve, namely the middle of town and the access road has been paved. Existence is close to downtown make this beach often visited by migrants and society itself Hammer . Visit during the day rather less suitable, because the weather is generally hot and Palu wind was blowing hard at 12 noon through.
Talise beach beautiful scenery as the sun before sunrise. The beach is nice to visit during the afternoon before sunset and during the evening while enjoying snacks and beverages in the form of fried bananas, banana eppe, maize, tea / coffee, sarabba. Disore and night is also used as family recreation and the youth.

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