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Taman Nasional Bantimurung (Bantimurung National Park ) , Sulawesi, Indonesia

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

hy all my loyal readers.
excuse me because lately I again held my travel and return home as well. so advised me to stay in place while the network is very rare.
but I will faithfully give you the info about tourism in Indonesia.
like the one below
Bantimurung National Park is nature reserve with an area of ​​480 km2, only 45 km north of Makassar / Ujung Pandang. Bantimurang name is a combination of 'slamming melancholy'.

The park is famous for its many butterflies, in 1856 Sir Alfred Wallace visited this place and he called this area as 'The Kingdom of butterflies' ('butterfly kingdom'). A name that is
still used today. Unfortunately the number of butterfly species declined significantly in the last decade. In the first calculation there are 270 species, in 1997 the number of only 147 species and at last count in 2010 found only 90 species. In addition to the species decline, the number of butterflies have also decreased significantly: before there were so many butterflies, they would gather in each group.

Increased human activity in this area is considered as the cause of this decline. Therefore, the government started a program breeding butterflies. But despite experiencing a significant drop, you can still enjoy the thousands of butterflies colorful here mainly in or near one of the caves.
In addition to the butterfly park is famous for its waterfall that has a height of 15 meters. This waterfall is an attractive tourist spot for most visitors. There are some caves you can explore, behind the waterfall. Waterfalls and caves are in a lush tropical forest with limestone cliffs.

Bantimurang National Park is very popular and frequently visited by local tourists from Napier on the weekend, visitors usually go to the waterfall and adjacent recreation areas.
Park entrance fee is Rp 5,000 per Bantimurung adults. Available low-cost lodgings around the National Park with a rate of Rp 50,000.

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