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Tamborasi River ,Indonesia.

Monday, January 30, 2012

after a walk from the beach, we should know a great river in Indonesia which is used as for the tour as well.
let's see what the river.
Attractions: River Tamborasi is the shortest river in the world with a length of about +20 meters and +15 meters wide, Tamborasi River is located Kolaka +90 km from the city to the north, precisely in the Village Tamborasi, District Wolo. To reach the River Tamborasi visitors can travel overland or overwater +1-2 hours. Along the road to Tamborasi River, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the mountain which contains marble
stone. Upstream where the river springs out, flows directly related to the sea and white sand make the river more enchanting Tamborasi and pity to miss its beauty. Another charm of this river is a unique type of water, where the River Tamborasi have two kinds of water resources, namely water cold water coming out of the water in the eye, while the immediate adjacent sea water was warm, so visitors have two options for the bath, with warm water or cold water.

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