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Danau Towuti ,Sulawesi ,Indonesia.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

hy all .... already 2 days I did not post it for you ..
previously I apologize for this to happen again but somehow I have my final exams.
but I try to post if I have time to spare, although only one is important this blog alive, this time I will try to give info on a lake that includes extensive in Indonesia.
want to know what?
Towuti lake is a lake located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Administratively, the lake is located in District Towuti, East Luwu District, South Sulawesi Province.
Towuti Lakes region is part of the Natural Park of Lake Towuti, administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) South Sulawesi, in bawahDepartemen Forestry Republic of Indonesia.
This lake is crossing paths who can link between southern Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi.

Lake Towuti listed as the second largest freshwater lake after Lake Toba in North Sumatra,
Towuti lakes provide environmental services to the surrounding ecosystem.
One of the tectonic lake is still a mystery: the depth of the surface.
Here, there are 14 species of freshwater fish endemic Sulawesi Crocodylus porosus and Hydrosaurus amboinensis.
Lake Towuti the extent of 56,000 hectares located in the region Malili Complex, South Sulawesi and is a tectonic lake oligotrofik. This lake has been designated as a Nature Park by decree No. Ministry of Agriculture. 274/Kpts/Um/1979. Although the area has been designated as Natural Park, a vast lake is also used for various purposes such as hydropower, fisheries, navigation, tourism and water resources for domestic needs...

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