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Ujung Pandaran Beach ,Kalimantan,Indonesia.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

wooow tours in Indonesia does have its many advantages.
there are beaches, history, lakes, diving, etc., essentially all of what you get if you travel to Indonesia.
This time I will give you information about a beach that is in Kalimantan,
want to know what?
Coast Edge Pandaran is one mainstay attraction Government Kotawaringin East. The beach is famous for its white sand and rich marine life stretches tens of kilometers from the border to the East Kotawaringin Seruyan District. Coast Edge Pandaran including a sloping beach type, such as beaches overlooking the Java Sea in general.
Coast Edge Pandaran a representation of the natural scenic beauty that really fascinating. On this beach, visitors can see the white sand is so vast, rows of
palm trees that when viewed from a distance as if the beach is fenced, large waves, and the wealth of marine life typical of this coast. Especially for marine biota, in the Coast Edge Pandaran numerous jellyfish, stingrays, various types of small fish that live in coral reefs, and others.
Besides enjoying the beauty of natural scenery, at the beach end of this Pandaran visitors can also see traditional rituals practiced by the Sea Simah local fishing communities for generations. Simah starting reinforcements Sea is a ritual performed by the fishermen before starting Edge Pandaran voyage to sea to find fish. This annual ritual performed every 10th of Shawwal, or ten days after Hari Raya Idulfitri. Before the event is held, usually the local community cooperate to clean the beach first. Once is enough clean beaches, Sea Simah new ritual was held in a way melarungkan various offerings into the sea. By local people, these rituals believed to bring safety and provide an abundance of sustenance during the sail.

Coast Edge Pandaran fairly easy to access, using either private or public transportation. From the city of Palangkaraya, capital of Central Kalimantan Province, the trip to this beach Sampit Palangkaraya route. If visitors use public transportation, visitors can ride the bus Palangkaraya Sampit majors. Arriving at Terminal Bus Sampit, travel along approximately 100 km by bus majors Sampitâ Sampit Gulf will deliver visitors to the location of this beach.

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