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Wasur National Park ,Papua,Indonesia.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

whether you are among those who like adventure with nature tourism?
such as forests. or endangered animals. or the unique animal or maybe you like to see the beautiful plants and unique?
on this occasion I will give to you a little info about tourism in Papua are very beautiful in my opinion.
well see.
Wasur National Park is a national park located in the town of Merauke. because of its beauty caused many tourists who visit the town of Merauke. The park is located about 13 km outside the town of Merauke has an area of ​​412,387 ha. This park has a variety of flora and fauna some of which are not found anywhere else in the world. Among them there are 74 species of birds of 390 species in the park ini.beberapa spersies animals were included among others: Bird
cendrawasi that because of the beauty and the beauty of the famous fur until around Indonesia and even the world. It also contained therein selaian kangaroos are also unique to Australia, there are also deer who is also a symbol of the town of Merauke animals, crocodiles are bred by people a lot of Merauke because their skin can produce various kinds of accessories like wallets, handbags, shoes. arowana fish, green snakes and much more. flora than fauna contained therein is black orchids, eucalyptus trees, flowers etc. suflir. All the flora and fauna in this national park is protected by the WWF, Foundation for Sustainable Wasur and forestry departments.

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