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Waterfalls Sedudo,Nganjuk (Java),Indonesia.

Friday, January 13, 2012

after last night we walked the road to Bandung, which is my post about culinary tourism, so this time I do take you to the sights of waterfalls, yes this includes high waterfall as well,
do not have great length, let us read together.
Nganjuk regency, East Java, has a fairly well-known natural attractions, namely Waterfall sedudo. This waterfall is located at an altitude of 1438 meters above sea level (asl) with a height of about 105 feet waterfall. Waterfall Panorama sedudo very attractive, because of its location on the slopes of Mount Wilis, which is a dormant mountain with an altitude of 2552 meters above sea level, in the southern city of Nganjuk.

visitors to tourist sites, visitors can enjoy the beauty of a giant water fountain slide from the height of the hill. Besides enjoying the natural attractions, visitors can also enjoy cultural tourism. On a typical day tourist visit rate is not too crowded, unlike the level of tourist arrivals in the month of Suro (first month in the Javanese calendar). Communities around the belief that having waterfall Waterfall sedudo have supernatural powers. According to the myth that developed, in this month's
Waterfall sedudo ageless believed to bring fortune to those who bathe in the waterfall.
Every 1st Suro, Waterfall sedudo Parna Prahista used for ceremonies, the ritual of bathing the statue, which was then the remaining water dipercikan to family members in order to get the blessings of salvation and eternal youth. Until now, the government Nganjuk routinely perform the ritual "Bathing sedudo" every year the new Java.
Because of the location of the waterfall on the slopes of Mount Wilis, the tourists could also enjoy a panoramic view of Mount Wilis, or even make the climb.
  Sedudo can reach the city of Surabaya Nganjuk of direction or Yogyakarta. From the direction of Surabaya, Nganjuk is + 110 km, whereas the + 200 km from Yogyakarta. Travel can be reached by public transport (buses) and private vehicles.
From the city Nganjuk, tourists still have to travel 30 km to the south of the capital district. Transportation routes toward fairly good tourist location because the road is smooth. However, because of its location in the mountains, the road to Waterfall sedudo tend to climb, up and down, and winding. The road condition like this would be difficult for vehicles to drive through such common bus. Therefore, if intending to travel to sedudo waterfall, you should use a four-wheeled vehicles of non-bus (private vehicles).

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