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Cenderawasih Bay National Park,Papua,Indonesia.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Of Paradise, Papua bay, is the largest bay in Indonesia (1.4535 million hectares) and is home to so many types of animals and plants. This national park is located at 01 ° 43 '- 03 ° 22' South Latitude and 134 ° 06 '- 135 ° 10' east longitude. Administratively included in Regency Wondama and Nabire, West Papua Province. There are seven villages in Nabire with 2.500 inhabitants, while in Wondama there are 21 villages with a population of 15.000. Because the people who live in and around national parks in the region rely heavily on marine resources for their livelihoods, they maintain these resources carefully by applying the traditional prohibitions.
Wide coral cover on reefs in the park reached 80.000 acres with 238 species of corals, coral reefs form a group, reef edge, barrier reefs, atolls and reefs in shallow waters. Coral reefs are home to 321 species of fish, 38 species of seagrass species gastrophoda and 9. In addition, 29 species of mangroves, 207 species of molluscs (12 of which are protected) and turtles can also be found here. Mammals such as dolphins, whales and manatees are also frequently seen.
The dolphins often follow the bottle's mouth when we ship around the island Iwari, Yoop and Mioswar, while the fish are flying into an attractive landscape.

Snorkeling and diving in the Gulf Cenderawasih TN obligatory for those who appreciate the wealth of tropical aquatic biota. 10 meter long tunnel leads into the lagoon on the south side of the island of Pulau Purup Rumberpoon, we can enjoy the coral reefs with a funny clown fish amid anemone. The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) swimming round and round in the Gulf of Umar, Nabire. We can hold a remarkable creature whose length is 9 feet and weighs 4.5 tons. Most of the area is also on the cover of seagrass, so invite dugongs (Dugong dugon) to come over there. If lucky, we could see the birds of Paradise are colorful during a visit to the village.

Giant clam (Tridacna gigas), the species began to be hard to find elsewhere, can be found in abundance in Napan Yaur. The bay is also home to play the hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), green turtle (Chelonia mydas), loggerhead turtle (Caretta Caretta) and the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea). Explore the natural beauty of the Gulf of Paradise will be more complete with the exploration of the wreck flew during World War II in the Strait of Numamurang.

TN Cenderawasih Bay is a paradise world for endemic birds and migration. Various birds of various colors leaping from tree to tree. Scrub fowl (Megapodius sp) who is shy, build their nests like the pyramids of sand. Size can be at home people. However, due to shyness, people rarely see them in their habitat, among others in the Nature Reserve Wondibuoy, Wasior. Slightly to the east of Wasior, we can find endemic birds Junai Golden Bird (Coelonas nicobarica). Although they build nests in the tops of the trees, they are foraging on the ground like a chicken.

Other interesting animals are birds-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita) and Couscous tree (Phalanger sp) Rumberpoon Island, as well as in Sobey Pelikan bird. Census of the types of species still continues to this day.

In addition to exploring the beauty of the sea, TN Cenderawasih Bay is an ideal place for ecotourism expeditions and tours of indigenous cultures of coastal Papua. As he walked along the path to the hot springs in Yende, we can stop at a historic cave that holds the frame Wandau ethnic ancestry. It is estimated they are the first group of people who come to the District Mioswar, Wondama. To see more of G.L. Blink, a missionary, who worked hard to bring civilization and the church, we can visit the old church built Isna Jedi in 1884. Inside are the oldest Gospel in Papua.

Sago palms are found in the Gulf region Wandamen. Public process sago into the daily diet. Interesting to see sago processing, and can also try a little taste.

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