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Waterfall Cipendok Setancak ,Purwokerto ,Indonesia.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

woooow glad to be back posting as usual ..
Successful test runs as well as hopefully the upcoming exams
ok well this time we will discuss about the waterfall.
want to know what kind of waterfall?

Cipendok waterfall, situated in the village of Middle Reef Cilongok district, about 25 km from the town of Navan. Natural attractions in the form of a waterfall with a height of 92 m, surrounded by natural scenery and beautiful forest. Eve in the cool surroundings and all the way there are areas of plantation. Around the area there is a campsite and a lake called Lake Pucung.

    Location of the waterfall is quite easy to achieve. Cipendok with a waterfall between the car park about 500 meters remaining. But do not worry, travel 500 meters from the entrance to the waterfall was not going to bore. On the contrary, is to make visitors take a trip into nature is still beautiful. With the up and down the road, tourist arrivals will be greeted with the sounds typical of tropical forest insects.

After walking about 15-20 minutes, prior to Cipendok waterfall will roar sounded like heavy rain. That sounds a waterfall that falls from a height of nearly 98 meters. The cool air coupled with water droplets create a peaceful atmosphere and fresh. If it was already daylight, the sun shines make a thin rainbow reflection the water droplets that fall.

Already paved the way to the location of all. From the parking lot, and walked to the location of the waterfall, we can truly enjoy the natural scenery around while you exercise. On the road to the location, lots of stalls selling mendoan, pure milk you can find in the stalls houses. Plantation tomatoes, peppers and celery pretty interesting way to enjoy the site. Not to mention the small rivers of clear water flowing premises, can invite us to come down for a moment to feel cool and crystal clear mountain water. When the big day as a holiday feast, this site is visited

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