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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

hy all ...
Have you ever visited a place and on that day being held?
ok well this time I will post about an event that is associated with a world tour.
want to know what?
let's see the following article
Galungan is a sacred Hindu holiday that falls on the Buda Kliwon Dungulan based on the count of time meeting and five Sapta wara wara. Hindus perform devotional service with full sense of the sacred feast circuit Galungan and Brass with religious rituals. Brass Galungan and meaningful as the day of victory (dharma) against evil (adharma), and before the day of the Holy Kingdom Galungan arrived, the Hindu community do that is with good Penampahan exist in human beings trying to fight evil.

Galungan Day this year falls on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 (yesterday), and today this Galungan agenda has not become a national holiday, so if we look at the calendar date remains black as any other weekday.
At the time of Galungan, in Bali which has a Hindu majority, always perform temple ritual or prayer to their respective villages, and to Denpasar area Jagatnatha
Temple will be visited by Hindu people in Denpasar Bali to perform rituals or Prayer.
And at the time of day, and Brass Galungan has become one of the very interesting tourist attraction the attention of foreign tourists to see how the Hindu community celebrate by performing rituals or prayers in the temple of each village, and the tourists will also be wearing traditional Balinese dress suit with the tradition of Hindu religion in Bali at the time of prayer, and also a lot of domestic tourists who really want to see and know this Galungan.
Galungan Hindu community celebrate this with a very peaceful heart to beg and say thanks to the Creator for this victory, the victory (dharma) against evil (adharma) or bad qualities in human beings.

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