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Goa Seplawan,Yogyakarta,Indonesia.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

wooow today is good news for all of us because today I will add a label to tourist attractions ie CAVE
if you like adventure into a cave? This is a fun thing, but held the
let us refer to the death of the first cave that I can post my info was from a blog
Goa Seplawan Kiskendo its proximity to Goa, just a difference of 8 km away. Thus, although excluding Goa Seplawan Yogyakarta tourism, because it had entered the district Purworejo, there is nothing wrong if we stopped for a moment there.

Its location in the Village District Donorejo Kaligesing, fitting the border between Yogyakarta and Central Java. Seplawan name itself, reputedly said Mr. Sumo Winangun, caretaker there, derived from the word "sapluwan", where "PLU" means a sacred place, and "wan" means the person or people. Entering the cave, we must pass through the ladder staircase with an iron grip. Afterward, in the cave there is an electric lamp to a depth of 750 m. The rest is still pitch dark, because the overall length of the cave is said to be 2 km away.

Characteristic shape Seplawan Goa is very beautiful, supported by many rocks along the stalactite and stalagmite caves. Well, in one place in this cave, at the beginning of the discovery on 28 Agutus 1979, had found the gold statue of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati weighing 1.5 kg and the statues are now kept at the National Museum Jakarta. Seplawan near the mouth of Goa, there are also sites of archaeological objects in the form of linga yoni, which is a kind of fertility symbol of the people or local residents.

Location: Village Donorejo, District Kaligesing, Purworejo, or 8 km from Goa Kiskendo
Admission: Rp. 1000, -
Parking: motor Rp. 2000, -
Facilities: parking, garden, food stalls
Surrounding landscape is very beautiful Goa Seplawan because there flower gardens, and in addition it is also cool because the air at an altitude of 800 masl. We can enjoy the charm of natural surroundings, even to see the south coast and the Sermo reservoir through the available viewing post. Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Cleft Mountain, Mountain and Mount Slamet Sindoro you can monitor with up to a hill near the cave, especially if supported by the sunny weather.

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