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Irimiami and Isoray

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

hey all .. This time I'll tell you about the story of the people of Papua.
want to know what it folklore?
It has a god or a drum TIPA named Sokirei
Or Soworai, if the drum is played people would come and gather for the opportunity that they can see that drum.

However, who can see the drum that the only people TUD bekekuatan invisibility.

Irowonawi gods have a lot of overgrown hamlet Sago, ie Aroempi. Sago is the staple food Revui Wawutu area. But the sago that, over time berkuran. Angry gods, then the plants were moved to Sago coastal areas where they set up a new area, named Randuayaivi, after which only the disenfranchised Iriwonawai Kamboi Rama and a pair of husband and wife named irimiami IsoRay.
One morning, sitting on a rock to IsoRay menjemer themselves,
moments later, he was sitting on the stone removing clots Cloud (Cloud Heat) so that he can not stand sitting on the stone. Then Irimiami occupied that stone in what turned out to feel the same as the perceived Irimiami Isoroy. After that, Irimiami take venison and placed it on rock, not long after, the meat in the meal turned out to lift and it feels good deer meat. Since then, irimiami and IsoRay always put food on the stone.

One day, brushing IsoRay Irimiami and bamboo reeds in the rock, was soon broken reed of bamboo and bamboo reeds rubbing issue sparks. IsoRay Irimiami and wonder, kemusian they began to experiment on the stone.
The next day, they collect grass and dry leaves, dry grass and leaves were placed on the stone was not long, dry grass and leaves clumps of clouds that issue as they have ever seen. Irimiami and IsoRay named iru sacred stones they begin to worship the stone.

In the daytime when the sun emits light, and IsoRay Irimiami try to put ruput, bamboo leaves and twigs on the sacred stone that they were waiting to see what happens out of red clouds of very hot they are terrified and pleaded with God to extinguish Iriwonawai red clouds, their application granted and the red cloud was extinguished.

The next day they collect grass, leaves, and many take more wood. Those things they put on the sacred stones of thick smoke billowing at the top of the mountain for six days Kambol Gedang Rama was sounded, the people gathered to watch Soworai drum.

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