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My Journey to a Natural Bathing

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hy all how are you?
If a vacation is a very good moment for those of you who do not have the free time because I was busy.
For example on a weekend and on Sunday the same as me, I am still in school so the time is right for me refusing is on a weekend. Ok story time I was on my way to a natural bath in the form of the river.
I went on the 5th feb 2012 which I mean a place not far from my house. only 30 minutes if the car ride.
This trip I was very happy because I've never gone there before but since I pingin there anymore so I finally decided to go on Sunday
The road to the site include severe but I was surprised when I arrived at the location because of the way the place is already better than before and the place is cleaner and groomed by local residents as well as river water is so natural it still looks clean.
This place does have a pretty good view of the water and the washing out of the pristine springs of boulders and flowing water are also not very heavy so it is perfect for swimming or just sitting around me on the banks of the river.
And on-site locations are also cool because there are many trees in the preserve trees by residents.

I love Nature
Ok all this is only my first short story I am so on this occasion
Hope you liked my story.

Impression and message that I can I take the trip this time is "let's preserve our Environment"
Accepted the love of it all "go Green"

for info about the site contact me via email at

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Timuran (PAS) Pematangsiantar -Indonesia.

OK That's All hope you like The Picture :)

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