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My Story Go to Lake in Sipolha ,North Sumatera,Indonesia.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Woo do you still remember my previous post? I took a trip about durian ? I promise I'll be posting about my story that I mean to the lake before. and at this moment I will post about the lake but first I'm sorry for posting this late because I was really busy on the exam that came to me almost every week. usual stuff because this is the answer I will pass or not. I believe I may pass it.
Well let's start the story of my trip when heading to the lake.

What I see is a lake of blue kejahuan so good and makes me want to continue to look at her eyes.
Suddenly my mind the question is whether I get there? as if viewed from above where I could see, far away and there are no roads.
And finally I asked people around and they say that if you want to get there just takes 20 minute by foot only. Wooow cool instead.

Night came with a very cold air, but making an unforgettable impression for me.

A pleasure to go and things to do tomorrow morning lake.
It is a challenge for me.
Wooow I'am sure that's will be nice
The morning dawned, the sun showed his face with a bright light. And I am very happy because the weather supports all. Having finished breakfast, I completed all the essential items to carry it all went wrong after I left with enthusiasm.
Since I do not know the way there so I went with the farmers who will work in a field. During my trip to see sights that are so nice and verdant rice and occasionally I posed the question to them.
Finally after walking for 20 minutes to go to a place that also. When I got to where I saw a rock and sat for a moment because of tiredness walking and looking around the lake and the blue expanse of water that I saw. Was an incredible sight for me.

After looking around quite satisfied looking at the end I decided to swim and I just jump into the lake. Wooow really clean water, natural and very fresh makes me feel tired and lost once again excited to swim. for 2 hours to swim and ride a boat nel; seizure there. Grab my belly once a sign of my hungry after filling my stomach back to swim again. around 3 pm I finally had to go home. wanted to swim again, but time was late and time to go home.

I walked without the farmers who accompanied me because I already know the way home after all the farmers who have no home at this hour at their home at 5 or 6 hours

Feeling tired to walk, swim underwater terlampiasakan with a very good looking.

That was my experience
Here are some poto for memories, I hope to go there again with you. All my loyal visitors.


lake is viewed from a distance



stone on which I sit down to enjoy the beautiful scenery

Lake Toba ( Sipolha)

Way home, finally arrived at 4 above
tired like climbing a mountain alone :)

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