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Noken Tas Papua ,Papua,Indonesia.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

if you travel to a place definitely something you want to buy souvenir typical of the places you visit.
this time I will gave the info about the bag that is typical of Papua.
want to know what?
let us read the following info to clarify.
Is a typical handicraft bags shaped like a bag of Papua. There are 250 ethnic and language in Papua, but all the tribes have a tradition of handicrafts Noken the same. Noken very diverse functions. However, Noken usually used to carry goods such as fuelwood, crop yields, to the groceries. Small bags used for carrying personal needs. Not only that, Noken also used in ceremonies and as a memento for guests (soveneir)
Raw materials of manufacture were
different, there Manduam tree bark, tree orchids Nawa even forests. Bags made ​​of nylon yarns and fibers of bark are sold at an average price of  RP.100.000 - Rp.300.000  depending on size. Nan cheerful colors of this bag into its own peculiarities.
In olden days the women of Papua is considered mature and ready for marriage when it can make the bags. and habits that are rarely found in the present era.

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