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Pasar Terapung Muara Kuin

Monday, February 27, 2012

woooow after I browse about Barito. that there is still a traditional market is also here articel let us refer to this time :)
Floating Market Kuin Estuary is a traditional market on the river at the mouth of the river Barito Kuin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The traders and shoppers to use boats, boat title in Banjar. This market began after the dawn prayer until after 07:00 o'clock in the morning. The sun rises in the reflected light between the transaction and the vegetable gardens of the villages along the Barito river and its tributaries.

The atmosphere and activities of market
With a view to watch, as if the tourists were sightseeing. Djoekoengs with merchandise laden vegetables, fruits, all kinds of fish and a variety of household goods available at the floating market. When the sun began to fade the market began to retreat, the merchants began to leave the floating market to bring the results with satisfaction.

The atmosphere is unique floating market and the typical jostling between small and large boat buyers and sellers to find each other are always wandering to and fro, and always played the waves roll Barito river. Floating market has no such organization in the market on the mainland, so it is not recorded how many merchants and traders bersarkan visitors or distribution of merchandise.

Boating women traders who sell their products themselves or the neighboring hamlet called, while the second hand purchase from the hamlet called panyambangan for resale. Keistemewaan this market is still common among the traders barter transactions boating, which is in a language called Banjar bapanduk, something unique and rare.

Tourism potential
Tourism is often considered to be a fantastic attraction, Banjarmasin like Venice in the Eastern world, because they both have tourist potential of the river. However different the two cities and the cultural background of nature. Banjarmasin are mostly found along the river floating houses called home lanting, who always played the waves roll.

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