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Pesagi mountain.Lampung ,Indonesia.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

if you like hiking?
if you like, you must see this and try to climb
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Pesagi mountain has a height of 2231 meters above sea level is located in West Lampung regency. Pesagi mountain is the highest mountain in the province of Lampung does not seem too high when compared to other mountains. Pesagi mountain has its own advantages include mountain categories that have a particularly challenging track and Tracknya virgin woods that make up the connection as Mustaqim Sirotol Bridge.

Mountain climbing Pesagi has 3 points, classified by level of difficulty of the trip to the summit of Pesagi, namely:

A. Path Broken Heart (Bahway Village - Village Way Pematu)

Heading 1 - Heading 2
Path to the post 2 is a settlement track Bahway Village. These lines form a sloping stone path with panoramic landscapes typical village. On the right and left channels are rivers, rice fields and traditional residential village community Bahway. The line was quite long and could be considered "bonus" but remains challenging because of the path is quite slippery until eventually we will find coffee plantations through the trail to the post 2. Trip travel time of 1.5 hours standard.

Heading 2 - Heading 3
This is where the real test begins. At this point we will cross the river and through the little coffee, then we will see the river for the second time here was quite a heavy flow, after passing the river started to go into the forest, the mountain jungle Pesagi first door is marked by two large trees towering on either side of the lane, but this time the tree was not found because it has fallen. After entering the jungle path to the door post 3 in the form of a long and slippery slope, we must be careful because there are many paths that are still thorny rattan trees and blocking the way up to the post 3. Trip travel time of 1.5 hours standard

Heading 3 - Heading 4
On Line 3 Pos - Pos 4 plants can be found "Angrek Tiger", including the category of unique and beautiful flowers of this plant is a stem which has a white stripe or black spots resembling a tiger. In addition to our tiger orchid plant will also find a lot of pockets semar found up to the top post. Increasingly challenging the steep path and there is no source of water, forest vegetation of the meeting with fern and rattan are still loyal to tease and pinch the adventurer, the strength of character really looks Pesagi forests, forests that are still tight and moist. 1 Hour trip travel time standard

Heading 4 - Post 5
Path between the Post 4 - Post 5 dangerous category. At this point we will enjoy the track began to move from the ridge of the mountain ridge to ridge, in accordance with the name of this mountain because the mountain is Pesagi square shape that creates a lot of the ridge and valley between the ridge is so required very cautious because there is a gap, go through and split waterfall path / Curup dead and small streams are very slippery. 1 Hour trip travel time standard

Heading 5 - Peak Pesagi
Path between Pos 5 - Heading 6 is the most extreme lines on this track the origin of "Path Broken Heart", moving from post to post 5 or 6 Badas Clots waterfall then we have a little play with a steep climb to avoid the waterfall, then treated a little fringe of the river with fairly gentle conditions or "Bonus", not over us murmuring path back uphill reach 40-50 degrees are sometimes forced to crawl, look for the roots of the tree as a handle and climbed up the tree, the forest here is really uncharted hands meeting ignorant and there are many trees "Bag" which is said by locals trust only in Mount Pesagi and there are no other areas as well as supernatural beings believed to repel, repel snakes and bring good luck. Here, View beautifully presented again, we can see the right and left is a valley with water splashing and the wind sounded like the strains of natural tones, and then we looked in front and behind the peak Pesagi is Ujung Tanjung.

At the end of the Cape are also lower than the peak but the peak Pesagi, we do not cross the top end of the Cape because of a different track, the top end of the Cape there is a large arrangement of stones neatly arranged like a prayer area with stones that make up the room like a priest at prayer and other arrangement of stones forming rows of the congregation therefore called "the Rock Mosque".

View the beautiful has passed, now preparing to welcome the participants have a Fast Break and terekstrim last climb, where the slope of this line are adorned by scattered and poor-melintangnya fallen trunk of burning due to natural succession that occurred at Mount Pesagi, creeping one, up a tree poor across the path along which is also wrong. This path is forcing us to knee and chin touch, imagine and try to do what your knees up to your own chin. This path is and really extreme, "Do not Try at Home" because there will not be home this path and then come straight to Mount Pesagi enjoy. After passing through this route with the least to enjoy a sloping road, reached the peak Pesagi. Pesagi according to the peak of West Lampung is where the fall of Islam in Lampung and "Sky Ladder" because if we pray at the top Pesagi there will be no blocking and direct prayer to the top. Trip travel time of 1.5 hours standard.

2. The standard Ascent Path (Village Bahway - Herb Hamlet)

Heading 1 - Door Woods
Wilderness is a path to door coffee plantation area resident, having previously we will pass the public. Trip travel time of 1.5 hours standard

Rimba door - Gisting
Path to gisting slightly uphill but long enough, here we also have felt that the meeting Pesagi forest, after that we will arrive at the Post is named Gisting, here there is a water source located 20 meters down, the source of this water does not dry out even when the season dry because it comes from the river that passes through the crevices of the rock to always flowing and accommodated in the notch located a stone around water sources. Trip travel time of 2.5 hours standard

Gisting - Grafting
Moving on from Gisting we will immediately enjoy a "Super Rise" in order to achieve a flat stone, flat stone is shaped flat stone near the size is quite big enough even if used to rest while the body lay. Panorama on a flat stone is very beautiful, here we can see the tip of the headland path and row of large upright stones supporting Pesagi peak when exposed to light and sparkle like pearls.

After passing the flagstone path we will be dealing with a lot of fallen trees decorated with natural succession is the result of naturally occurring fires, then we will enjoy the trail storey stone structure is held together by a layer of soil naturally forms a cliff, called splicing, is one again called splicing as Mustaqim Sirotol Bridge. This character will not be found similarity in the other mountains. 1 Hour trip travel time standard

Grafting - Peak Pesagi
After connecting you will enjoy the moss forest areas with a humid atmosphere but because the track is starting ramps have been in the Peak area.

At the peak of Mount Pesagi, we can see the wonderful liukan Lake Ranau, residential communities OKU, Krui seas, and leatherback sea. Besides watching the natural beauty from a distance, many more sights that were found at the top. Among other Dutch heritage monument, which is marking the Dutch territory at the time, sources of water Seven wells are located ± 20 meters down slightly from the peak.

Seven wells springs.
According to folklore only lucky people who can see and take it for seven disumur water that is not lucky seven wells will be dry and no water, one is the shower Mas, springs that never dry but quite difficult to achieve due to steep and steep pathway, it took 30 minutes round trip from the top to reach the shower Mas. 1 Hour trip travel time standard.

3. Hujung village lane interchange area
In this pathway tend to be more gentle and easier to reach the summit of Mount Pesagi. Relative not find the beautiful scenery along the road trip travel time 5 hours standard.

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