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Sepanjang Beach ,Indonesia.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hy all
how are you today whether you are in good health?
I hope we are all fine
This time we will discuss a beach in Indonesia.
want to know what??
Along the coast is one of the newly opened beach. The name "All" is given as characteristic of this coast which has the longest coastline of all the beaches in the District of South Mountain. The atmosphere of this beach is very natural. Palm-dotted shoreline plants and thatched huts of dry leaves. Reefs in coastal tidal areas still maintained. Blows of the waves still reflect the blue sea-water mark has not been contaminated. With the atmosphere, it is not wrong if the local government
and investors are planning to make this beach the second Kuta Beach The atmosphere is what makes the experience more long beach of Kuta Beach. Throughout do not offer things like beach cafe cliches and luxurious cottages, but a closeness with nature. The proof, you'll be able to search the cliffs to find various types of shellfish (molluscs) and starfish (Echinodermata). You'll also be able to find a limpet on the rock coast and uprooted seaweed embedded. Of course, being careful not imbedded sea urchin spines. Obviously not, you will not see him at Kuta Beach?

Culture of coastal communities are still very strong. There was no permanent buildings on the beach, only a few huts inhabited by local people. Still on the beach, there are fields that are used to plant soybean population. A sloping beach and directly exposed to the waves caused no fishing population. When looking back, it would seem that the two slopes of the hill locals used to grow corn as a staple food source. Land at the top of the hill has been purchased by an investor to build a villa which hopes to use as tourist accommodation.

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