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Seweru Kedung Malem Waterfall ,Indonesia

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not many people know about potential of nature tourism on the slopes of Mount Wilis. One of them is Kedung Night Waterfall located in the hamlet Seweru, Village Kare, Kare District, Madison City.
Because in the hamlet Seweru the waterfall is also called by local Villagers Seweru with Waterfall. This waterfall is also save a million exotic charm.
Its location behind the mountains and coffee plantation area, makes this waterfall is not known by many people.
This waterfall Discovered accidentally by one of the local Villagers named Abi Ismani WHO on 25 years ago. However, Because the field is quite difficult,, this waterfall is lost if swallowed by the elegance of Mount Wilis.
"However, the legends about Mbah Malem abused and thrown away in. That area residents have been known by generations since 100 years ago. People do not think if there is a waterfall. That's why the waterfall is called Kedung night.

Recently, after local Villagers led by the youth members of youth clubs, SLOWLY but surely, Waterfall Kedung Night began to be known by many people. In fact, Madison City Government in the near future plans to make this waterfall as the leading Tourist Attractions That highlights the naturalness.
Nature tourism object is located nearly 50 kilometers east of the City of Madison. Located on the slopes of Mount Wilis to 400 meters altitude above sea level, making the path to the location of this waterfall is very challenging.

Given its location is still difficult, to Achieve and the situation is still very virgin, chances are there is no regular public transport serving the route to the waterfall.
From downtown Madison, visitors are advised to drive private cars or motorcycles. Then, take the road to the area Dungus, District Wungu, then eastwards to the Kare, precisely in Hamlet Seweru.
To reach the location, it should be a little hard work. Condition of streets in the Village Kare many had not paved and is full of steep climbs. Only bicycles or motorcycles That can be Freely.
The visitors are also advised to not Ashamed to ask the citizens of surrounding villages, and if it is less sure about the roads are impassable That. The reason there are not many clear directions to get to the waterfall.

Arriving in the village where the waterfall is located, visitors only need to Entrust the vehicle to the local population has been managed by That the youth of Rp2.000 rates, any two-wheeled 00 vehicles.
There has been no withdrawal of levy of development at the entrance to the trail to the waterfall. From the parking lot, visitors began to walk down the hill as far as almost a kilometer.
All the way to the waterfall, visitors will be treated to beautiful panoramas That can not be missed. But the steep road conditions, narrow, slippery, and many are not fenced security, make the visitor should be careful.
The reason this trail in direct contact with the steeply sloping hills. For nature lovers WHO like adventure, this place is the right choice.
"Guts the visitors still will be tested along the river That runs about 100 meters before reaching the waterfall.
Although, the river water not too deep and the current is not swift, however, visitors still have to be careful with the number of rocks That lay around the river. Boulders and solid in Between the river's natural flow, will the make the trip more challenging.

Evening Waterfall Kedung have reversed a handsome cliff with two waterfalls flow with a height of almost 30 meters. The water was clear and cold. That shade trees surround the river and the cliff-cliff, making the atmosphere at the site is pretty cool waterfall.

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