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Sungai Barito (river) ,Kalimantan Indonesia.

Monday, February 27, 2012

hey all
how are you today?
I am very happy because this is my first mempostinting about river
yes there are some that need this info
and the label on this blog are also increasingly
let's discuss what I am posting the river this time.

Barito River is one of the largest and longest river in Borneo. According Maulani (2000), a length not less than 900 kilometers (nearly all the island of Java), can be navigated along the 300 miles to the upper reaches. Barito long, passing the two regions namely South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan provinces.
Barito River has two tributaries of the River and the Nagara River Materials or Martapura. Around the River Nagara River with its branches Tabalong, Balangan, Pitap, Alai, Amandit and Amas, settled most of the population of South Kalimantan.
Important town in the area include the Cape, Amuntai, Barabai, Kandangan, and the Overseas Countries. Martapura river flows through the city and Martapura Banjarmasin.

While the upstream direction (north), the intersection has to Barito Kapuas and Palangkaraya. If moving straight down the river Barito, will find three large cities as capital of the district in the province of Central Kalimantan Buntok, Muara Teweh and Cahu Puruk.
Long before developing land transport, strategic Barito allows the two functions of the river in the past. That is where the trade and the Dayak resistance against the occupiers, to build a base of resistance in the upstream Barito.

Now there are efforts to mereaktualisasinya, it deserves a positive response of various parties. Concrete steps carried North Barito regency, by holding seminars Unrost sinking ship. They also visited the museum in the Netherlands, looking for data Unrost ship. It seems to attract tourists, the site can be used as a magnet vessel Onrust.
In addition to sinking Unrost, there is still the attraction basin Barito. We can see the barges carrying coal, such as mountain walking every day passing by on the River Barito. Great view at night, when oil lamps are lit to see at the end of the raft. Firefly-like march to go above the water surface Barito.

Similarly, the cultural traditions of various ethnic groups in the watershed Barito. If Marabahan is held each year in Pedicab, in Buntok, Muara Teweh and there Cahu Puruk ceremonies like Wara, Batiwah and others. Certainly very interesting if can manage to annual tourism event, the icon Barito.

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